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Learn why we're one of the area's top janitorial products supplier in Columbia, SC

If you manage a business or commercial property, you need reliable, regular access to a wide range of cleaning and paper products. F & J Janitorial Services & Supplies LLC provides janitorial supplies and commercial cleaning services throughout the Columbia, SC area. You can count on our team to supply you with all of the chemical supplies you need to keep your office or factory safe.

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Looking For Cleaning Supplies For Your Business in Columbia, SC?

Keeping your commercial property clean with help from us!

In addition to providing professional cleaning services, F & J Janitorial Services & Supplies also supplies an array of cleaning supplies. Our janitorial maintenance products include...
Floor equipment: Wax strippers, buffers, scrubbers, mop heads, bucket wringers and vacuum cleaners
Paper products: Paper towels, napkins, toilet tissue and dispensers
Chemicals: Wax, disinfectant, degreasers, detergent

If we don't have a particular product on hand, we'll get it for you as quickly as possible.

Slow shipping? Not with our packaging products.

When a large portion of your business depends on delivering products to clients quickly and securely, you need the right packing materials on hand at all times. Fortunately, F & J Janitorial Services & Supplies provides all types of commerical packaging materials and accessories. You'll find everything from packing tape to pallet wrap.

We rely on over 35 years of experience to deliver top-quality products and services.