Running Out Of Paper?

Running Out Of Paper?

Hire us as your paper products supplier in Columbia, SC

Do you need to restock your employee restrooms? Do you need to provide patrons with hundreds of napkins every day? You'll find everything you need at our paper good supplies company.

F & J Janitorial Services & Supplies LLC offers many cost-effective options, such as compact, coreless toilet tissue to reduce waste. You'll also find many non-industrial products in industrial quantities, such as lunch and beverage napkins.

What Do Paper Products Provide ?

Learn more about the benefits of paper products in Columbia, SC

We offer products that provide a range of benefits, such as...

  • Customer convenience: Your patrons don't want to do any extra work while they're at your place of business. Make sure you place easy-to-access dispensers everywhere your clients will want them.
  • Waste reduction: Paper products may be necessary for convenience, but they don't need to create excess waste. For example, controlled napkin dispensers encourage clients and employees to take only what they need.
  • Sanitation: Single-use paper towel dispensers don't just create the perception of cleanliness. They're still among the most sanitary hand-drying options available.

If your need quality paper products in Columbia, SC, dial 803-269-0945 now. and place an order with F & J Janitorial Services & Supplies.